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Welcome to one of the nation's top centers for innovative interdisciplinary teaching and research on Germany and Europe. The Center for German and European Studies (CGES) at the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities) promotes knowledge about Germany and Europe among established and emerging scholars, students, K–12 teachers, policymakers, business leaders and other professionals, and the general public.

First established in 1998 as a consortium of the University of Minnesota and the University of Wisconsin and funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the two universities, the Minnesota site became a stand-alone center in 2008. It is one of only six "Centers of Excellence" the DAAD helped create in the United States. The other five centers are at Harvard, Brandeis, Georgetown, the University of California, Berkeley, and the University of Wisconsin. Each center has a unique profile.

In politics, diplomacy, economics, and culture, Germany and Europe remain America's key allies. Yet t he signposts guiding American thinking about Germany and Europe have undergone dramatic change in the past several decades. CGES research, training, and educational programs improve knowledge among teachers and students, strengthen innovative research, and yield significant economic and policy advantages.


"21st-Century Apprenticeship Models: A Dialogue between Minnesota & Germany"
Seminar series "21st-century workforce development models" (April 2, April 25, and May 15, 2013) and study tour
Hosted by University of Minnesota's DAAD Center for German & European Studies in cooperation with the University of Minnesota's College Readiness Program and Germany's Foreign Office. Additional cooperating partners include the U of M's Carlson School of Management, Humphrey School for Public Affairs, College of Education and Human Development, and Minnesota State Colleges and Universities


FELLOWSHIP PROGRAMS 2014 program dates/
application deadline
July 8 - July 20, 2014
advanced graduate students in social sciences and humanities
April 21, 2014
summer 2014
full-time graduate students in the College of Liberal Arts
April 1, 2014
WorkART 2014 internship fellowship, minimum 4 weeks to maximum 8 weeks
summer 2014
individual 4-8 week duration
(between May 26 - August 29, 2014)
U of M undergrads, grad students; Macalester; MCAD

February 3, 2014 APPLY NOW!

MN Goes to Berlin fellowship internships at Berlin elementary and secondary schools
June 1 - June 22, 2014
U of M undergrads, grad students; Macalester; MCAD
February 3, 2014 APPLY NOW!



Logo for American & German Healthcare

--2014 meeting in Minneapolis--


Managing Innovation and Reform in Healthcare: Access, Quality, Cost —
A trans-Atlantic experts' round-table

Minneapolis, University of Minnesota
October 20-22, 2014

discuss the latest reforms, understand health policy after the big reforms, and learn about best practice models from Germany and MN


American & German Healthcare brings together American and German healthpolicy experts for an in-depth exchange of experiences and best practices. In spring or early summer, a delegation of US policymakers and experts travels to Berlin for the Berlin Seminar on Health Policy; in late fall, experts meet in Minneapolis on the campus of the University of Minnesota for a three-day conference. Germany's Federal Ministry of Health is a founding co-operating partner. Stakeholders from all areas in the health policy field participate. It is the only such forum in the United States. (more)


Franz Knieps from the German Federal Ministry of Health explains the benefits of the German model of healt careHealth Care: Models For Change– The German Model of Insurance
Franz Knieps from the German Federal Ministry of Health, explains the benefits of the German model of health care. And hear what Europeans have to say about our health care system. (tpt MN Channel coproduction)

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